Memorandum of Conversation, by Mr. Burr C. Brundage of the Division of North and West Coast Affairs61

Participants: Señor Guillermo del Pedregal
Señor Victor Santa Cruz
Señor Flavian Levine

Señor del Pedregal stated that the Mission of which he is the Chief is in the United States to explain Chile’s position. The Mission is bringing no specific projects nor requests. It hopes that a better understanding, however, will result from the discussions which it will entertain and that it can make certain clarifications in respect to the Chilean Government’s program which is intended to further Chile’s progress.

He explained that it was President Gonzalez’ desire that he speak frankly; in fact, he stated that the Mission is here not only to talk but also to listen. Mr. Braden replied that he also desired to speak frankly and that if some of his remarks should seem harsh, it was only because he had the future interests of Chile at heart.

Pedregal stated that his Mission wished to hold a more detailed discussion after it has approached the various financial and governmental entities in this country. Mr. Braden assured him that he personally and others in the Government are at the service of the Mission in this respect.

  1. On the occasion of the introductory visit Of the Pedregal Economic Mission.