710 Consultation 4/8–2147: Telegram

The Chairman of the United, States Delegation ( Marshall ) to the Acting Secretary of State


39. Daily summary No. 5. Accordance prearranged plan Eva Perón arrived Plenary Session today 10 minutes before Secretary’s speech.92 Adroit handling by Brazilians resulted formal reception and recognition her presence following Secretary’s speech.

Secretary’s speech very well received, followed by Acevedo (Guatemala) Despradel (Dominican Republic) García Sayán (Peru). Acevedo in strong defense democratic principles obliquely attacked present regimes Nicaragua and Dominican Republic. Also urged Conference consideration economic problems.

Despradel in obvious reference Cuba urged broadest definition in treaty to encompass all forms aggression.

García praised US willingness accept two-thirds decision, urged action on economic problems and supported distinction between American and non-American attack.

Brazilian FonMin told Secretary Brazil expects propose tomorrow that all problems inter-American economic cooperation be handled at special conference called not earlier than second half next year, and that American representatives submit any economic proposals inter-American ECOSOC for study in preparation conference. This would represent compromise Argentine, Mexican proposals. Secretary indicated US agreeable.

Plenary Session set 10 p.m. August 21 as deadline for new proposals.

  1. For extracts from the Secretary’s speech, see Report of the Delegation of the United States of America, pp. 8–9.