725.61/10–1347: Telegram

The Chargé in the Soviet Union ( Durbrow ) to the Secretary of State

3019. Soviet press October 12, carried following Tass communiqué: Ministry Foreign Affairs USSR received communication from Santiago [apparent omission] was fired on by machine gun from auto passing Embassy building. Regarding this, October 11 Deputy ForMin USSR R. A. Malik summoned Chilean Ambassador USSR Cruz Ocampo and according instructions USSR Government registered protest to Chilean Government against scandalous infringement diplomatic immunity USSR’s representatives in Chile, pointing out this could only occur as result unbridled campaign hostility to Soviet Union which being carried on in Chile without opposition from Chilean authorities. Malik pointed out Soviet Union insists on immediate investigation and firm punishment those responsible. Ocampo, after expressing regrets with regard what had occurred in Santiago, assurred Malik Soviet Government’s communication would be immediately brought notice Chilean Government.