710.62115/2–1247: Airgram

The Ambassador in Brazil ( Pawley ) to the Secretary of State


A–167. Reference is made to the Department’s instruction no. 366, November 23, 1946,81 which reads in part as follows:

“It is suggested that the Foreign Office be informed of the United States Government’s continued interest in removing dangerous Germans from this hemisphere and preventing a resurgence of German influence in the American Republics. It is further suggested that, if practicable, some expression be obtained from the Brazilian Government as to what steps, if any, it is planning to initiate pointing towards the removal of those dangerous Germans still remaining in Brazil.”

The Department’s telegram no. 62, January 17, 1947,81 instructs the Embassy “to make no further effort to obtain repatriation or punishment of comparatively minor offenders which still remain unpunished in Brazil”.

The Embassy will appreciate receiving clarification of these conflicting instructions.

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