832.1561/9–247: Airgram

The Ambassador in Brazil ( Pawley ) to the Secretary of State

A–698. At the close of business on August 29, 1947, the Association of Steamship Owners which has for some time published a list of vessels awaiting berth in the port of Rio de Janeiro advertised that no ships were awaiting berthing facilities. A letter dated August 30, 1947, was addressed to F. V. De Miranda Carvalho, Superintendent of the Rio de Janeiro Port Administration, which read as follows:

“The Association, on the occasion of announcing for the first time after trying months of prolonged delay suffered by vessels which had come to unload in this port, that there was not a single ship awaiting docking space, feels the necessity of addressing to Your Excellency its sincere congratulations in the conviction that your resolution and high degree of efficiency will result in the completion of the necessary measures for the full normalization of the port.…”

. . . . . . .

The representatives of the various American shipping companies are quite pleased by the recent publication of the revised docking priorities which gave cargo ships awaiting space for more than 15 days a priority over Lloyd Brasileiro vessels (reference Embassy airgram A–694 dated August 29, 19472). Notwithstanding the general feeling [Page 437] of satisfaction at the improvement of the port situation and the alteration of existing regulations it is nevertheless agreed that it would be desirable for all parties to continue to make every effort to secure the complete elimination of the priority granted to Lloyd Brasileiro vessels.

  1. Not printed.