560.AL/8–647: Telegram

The Ambassador in Brazil (Pawley) to the Secretary of State


1053. Following telegram intended as Embassy comment on Geneva’s 808,92 repeated Rio on August 3 in connection with Brazilian proposal to increase tariff rates.

Embassy believes some difficulty to be encountered in making comparison between present and pre-war values mentioned under heading number 1. Brazilian import statistics show weights and values not number of units. It would appear unlikely that Brazilians would accept values based on US export data. Under implementation explanation it is assumed that varying unit values and specific rates would be determined by Brazilians but this difficult if not impossible due reason given above. Furthermore Brazilian import statistics usually 5 to 6 months late in preparation and serious lag in making adjustment could be anticipated.

If Dept and USDel Geneva recognize fact that current Brazilian import duties are low and can with justification be increased the Embassy is at a loss to [apparent omission] suggestion contained under item number 3. Many concessions now offered Brazil according Embassy’s understanding based on desire US to reduce trade barriers and assist economic development this country. Elimination of any concessions now offered might run counter these purposes.

Embassy offers foregoing purely as comment telegram under reference and not as critique of proposal outlined by Geneva Delegation.

Sent Dept 1053, repeated Geneva.

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