710 Consultation 4/8–1947: Telegram

The Chairman of the United States Delegation (Marshall) to the Acting Secretary of State


23. Daily Conference summary No. 3. Working committees met and installed Monday without controversy. Following officers elected: Committee I, chairman Uruguay, vice chairman Mexico, rapporteur Ecuador; Committee II, chairman Panama, vice-chairman Chile, rapporteur Bolivia; Committee III, chairman Costa Rica, vice-chairman Peru, rapporteur Colombia. US delegates seconded nominations. Informal agreement working plan for Committees follows PAU report 1946.

Speeches afternoon plenary session Lleras Camargo (PA Union), Guachalla (Bolivia), Belt (Cuba), Morales (Venezuela), Nunez (Salvador).

Lleras made extensive comparison between inter-American system and UN pointing out that UN is only experiment and weak, experiencing “continuous friction with reality, very similar in appearance to failure”. He added, however, Charter is last hope peace and security and should be supported. He stated San Francisco Conference showed “almost brutal contrast between our inter-national democratic world and old world of alliances, balance power, zones influence and insatiable imperialistic ambition”. Stated no question of compatibility between Charter and Inter-American system because American Representatives saw to it that Charter fully recognized latter. Otherwise, [Page 39] UN would not have been born. Gave US high praise for having accepted equality with other Republics and having proposed that in treaty US be bound decisions two-thirds, thus assuring veto no place Inter-American system.

Guachalla stressed importance economic problems and desirability some action regarding them either before or in preparation Bogotá Conference.

Belt speech very aggressive and mostly devoted attack economic aggression. Stated President instructed him propose treaty provision against any form economic threats or intervention and that Cuba would fight for this. Said economic sanctions as dangerous as military action and impossible conclude treaty that does not outlaw all forms economic aggression.

Morales stated indispensable differentiate in treaty between aggression by American state and by non-American state and establish different procedures for former particularly pacific settlement General support increasing for some such distinction.