The Commissioner of Accounts of the Treasury Department (Maxwell) to the Acting Chief of the Division of Lend-Lease and Surplus Property Affairs, Department of State (Shenefield)


Dear Mr. Shenefield: There is enclosed a Statement reflecting the status of our account with the United States of Brazil as of December 31, 1946 together with detailed statements supporting charges reported during the current period by the Navy Department, the Treasury Department and the various Services of the War Department.60

Your attention is invited to Article III of the Agreement dated March 3, 194261 wherein “the Government of the United States of Brazil promises to pay in dollars into the Treasury of the United [Page 416] States of America 35 percent of the scheduled cost of the materials delivered.” This account indicates a payment of $11,666,666.64 was due on January 1, 1946 and an additional payment of $11,666,666.64 became due on January 1, 1947.

Inasmuch as an amount of $23,333,333.28 is past due and unpaid we shall appreciate any information you may have as to the possibility of early payment by the Government of the United States of Brazil or the status of any discussions between that government and the State Department relative to the above matter.

Very truly yours,

R. W. Maxwell
  1. None printed.
  2. The Lend-Lease Agreement.