710 Consultation 4/8–1847: Telegram

The Chairman of the United States Delegation (Marshall) to the Acting Secretary of State


20. Conference summary 2. First plenary session August 16 approved decisions Preliminary Meeting report Summary 1 plus resolutions appreciation to Brazil, homage to memory Roosevelt, Berreta (Uruguay)68 and welcome to Lie.69 Speeches by Bramuglia (Argentina) Vergara (Chile) Marques Castro (Uruguay) and Cáceres (Honduras). Vergara stressed need economic cooperation. Marques Castro emphasized necessity social and economic development as basis democracy and peace, in effect restating Rodríguez Larreta70 doctrine but making clear that before community can act against violation human rights, must have juridical foundation based on prior agreement. Although reference unclear, he suggested distinction in treaty between procedures applicable to American attack and those to non-American attack. He stressed deep concern re armaments race and emphasized need give “juridical” basis to Rio agreement. In subsequent conversations Uruguayan delegates indicated this means Uruguay will seek as irreducible minimum adoption resolution favoring unlimited arbitration or judicial settlement on ground Rio treaty would be meaningless without this foundation.

Bramuglia repeated Perón71 thesis re dangers capitalism and imperialism of either right or left. He mentioned economic cooperation only in passing and made no proposals.

  1. Tomás Berreta, the President of Uruguay, whose death occurred on August 2, 1947.
  2. Trygve Lie, Secretary General of the United Nations.
  3. Former Minister for Foreign Affairs in Uruguay.
  4. Juan Perón, President of Argentina.