732.61/10–2547: Telegram

The Chargé in the Soviet Union (Durbrow) to the Secretary of State

us urgent

3101. Embtel 3098.24 I called this afternoon on Chief of Protocol and asked clarification of yesterday’s announcement regarding retention Brazilian staff hotel, plans for departure and whether Soviets have named protecting power. He replied that for the moment he could not discuss Brazilian matters with me because it had not yet been decided whether Soviet Government would accept US as protecting power. When asked if this meant we could not represent Brazilian interests, he replied matter was still under study and he would advise me as soon as decision taken. I asked if Soviet Government had named protecting power and he replied decision not yet taken. I told him I would report this to Department and added that I was ready at any time to assist in working out departure arrangements in most amicable manner possible.

I added that Brazilian Ambassador had again told me this morning he receiving most correct treatment except fact he could not leave hotel. Stated that basis our reports (Rio’s 145825 to Department relayed) Soviet Embassy Rio had been stoned but we had no reports any Soviet personnel hit as Tass reporter implied (Embtel 3100, October 2524).

While this changed attitude not clear, it possible Soviets stalling for time to make sure all agents safely included with Embassy staff before making departure proposals.

Since Brazilian staff here feeling somewhat depressed with last night’s developments, I am not telling them we are not definitely accepted as protecting power. When I saw them this afternoon they expressed hope Brazilian Government would take all necessary precautions to protect Soviet staff Rio in order that no further restrictions be placed on them here.

Because of uncertainty situation, am not repeating this message Rio.

While FonOff may refuse further discuss Brazilian matter with me, [Page 402] would be most helpful to have full details of protection measures taken Rio and plans for departure so I could attempt resolve impasse.

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  2. Dated October 22, p. 397.
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