832.911/10–2247: Telegram

The Chargé in Brazil (Key) to the Secretary of State


1458. Group invading Communist Tribuna Popular print shop about 4 p.m. yesterday did thorough job destroying presses, files, equipment, etc. Subsequently ransacked 13th floor Tribuna editorial offices different part city (first paragraph Embtel 1453, October 2116). Several Tribuna employees reported hospitalized.

Although police headquarters only few hundred yards from print shop police arrived only after damage done. Confidential reports indicate [Page 398] clearly police had foreknowledge plans and Correio da Manha17 in article resenting attack on freedom press accuse police of connivance.

Being unable publish regular edition Tribuna distributed few hundred copies small mimeographed sheet attacking Brazilian Government, police and US.

In addition breaking several windows Soviet Embassy demonstrators tore down, destroyed (second paragraph Embtel 1453) name plate on Chancery entrance but on this occasion prompt intervention police reinforcements dispersed demonstrators before any serious damage done.

Department pass Moscow.

  1. Not printed.
  2. Rio de Janeiro newspaper.