724.3527/2–1247: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Bolivia


92. Embtel 137 Feb 10. Presentation Argentine draft makes desirable expeditious conclusion Air Transport Agreement. Dept anxious lest Argentine restrictive principles be accepted in view effect not only on Bolivia negotiations but on US–Argentine, US–Chilean and others where conflicting views being examined. Dept’s position re Art 8 unchanged, [Page 367] and that Art essential. Request Emb use all efforts expedite conclusion of agreement.

Art 6 should be revised to read as follows: “Each contracting party reserves the right to withhold or revoke a certificate or permit of an airline designated by the other party in the event it is not satisfied that substantial ownership and effective control of such airline are vested in nationals of the other contracting party or in case of failure, etc.” Amendment is reversion to original draft submitted and follows Chicago standard form64 and is definitely preferred by Dept. Negotiations should not be sacrificed to obtain new Art 6, but Dept should be informed if it appears impossible obtain this wording. Dept feels since Bolivia does not plan operate air services now objection unlikely. Keep Dept currently advised status Bolivian–Argentine negotiations.

  1. Type of air transport agreement formulated from the agreements reached in the Chicago Conference on International Civil Aviation of November–December, 1944. It provided for the exchange of air rights between two countries to be exercised by designated airlines, for equality of treatment with respect to airport charges, customs and inspection fees, for mutual recognition of rules and laws relating to entry, immigration, passports, licenses of personnel, etc.