824.63/5–2247: Telegram

The Ambassador in Bolivia ( Flack ) to the Secretary of State

us urgent

493. ReEmbgram 407, December 12, 1946.21 Request instructions position Embassy in event Bolivian Government seizes Patiños Catavi, El Allagua and Siglo Veinte properties tomorrow. Such action quite likely in view Government decree ordering resumption operations 7 a.m., tomorrow. Company may refuse since feels move would virtually present workers with property. In addition technical and administrative personnel including nationals as well as Americans, British, Argentines and Dutch almost unanimously refuse return Catavi without guarantees protection.

Government promises protection and guarantees but no steps yet taken against perpetrators incident Sunday morning (ReEmbtel 481, [Page 336] May 19). Public statements Ministers Government and Labor indicate strong possibility intervention unless reopened as ordered. Embassy anticipates request by company for assistance.

  1. Alfredo Mendizabal and Luis Ponce Lozada, respectively.