824.6354/3–2047: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in Bolivia

us urgent

1320. For Bugbee17 from Karl Anderson.18 Embtel 1748, 20th.19 RFC made offer March 21, purchase 15,000 tons Bol tin to end this year at 76 cents.

Three weeks ago RFC offered price 74 cents. Since then Bol-Arg trade agreement signed whereby latter agrees purchase for 5 years minimum, 8,000 tons Bol tin annually and additional 12,000 tons annually if free from other contracts at price 76 cents for 1947.

After receipt latest RFC offer 76 cents Bol states impossible sell US more than 11 or 12,000 tons since cannot reduce Arg commitment below 8,000 tons. [Anderson.]

  1. Howard C. Bugbee, Attaché at the Embassy in Bolivia.
  2. Karl L. Anderson, Assistant Chief, International Resources Division.
  3. Not printed.