835.6363/12–1547: Telegram

The Ambassador in Argentina ( Bruce ) to the Secretary of State

us urgent

1417. Saw British Ambassador this morning early regarding subject mytel 1416, December 5. Leeper and Bailleu20 annoyed developments and implications connection oil question with negotiations [Page 297] British Mission. Leeper said giving such short notice absurd. Said would speak Bramuglia or President today along lines explained mytel under reference.

Have just seen Bramuglia who says has discussed matter with President and authorized me inform Department definitely no action will be taken. Added I could assure Department Perón has no intention whatsoever expropriating oil or any other American properties. Bramuglia asked me not inform local oil representatives but emphasized I could give Department definite assurances no cause alarm.

Bramuglia remarked with regard treatment American capital President had instructed him order Molinari21 return immediately Buenos Aires explain speech and statements Habana. Said President and he were annoyed Molinari’s speech and wanted first-hand information. Molinari will probably return Habana after reporting and obtaining new instructions from Perón which Bramuglia said would be categoric and of nature he was sure would not be objectionable to US. In view Bramuglia’s emphatic assurance from himself and President that no cause for alarm, am taking no further action pending instructions. Bramuglia said he would guarantee me oil companies would not be required make any reply by December 9 or any other date.

  1. Clive Baillieu, head of the British Trade Mission to Argentina.
  2. Senator Diego Luis Molinari.