The Ambassador in Argentina ( Bruce ) to the Secretary of State

No. 3288

Sir: I have the honor to refer to this Embassy’s despatch No. 2348 of November 26, 1947 on the subject of “Port Facilities in Buenos Aires—Provisions for Equality of Treatment”97 and to report that we took up with Foreign Minister Bramuglia on December 2 the question of treatment accorded vessels of the Moore-McCormack Lines and [Page 277] requested in particular that immediate attention be given the application made by Moore-McCormack for wharfage space. There is enclosed a copy of a letter from Mr. E. P. Clarendon, the local manager of Moore-McCormack98 in which reference is made to the need for prompt wharfage space and berthing facilities for the S. S. Argentina, the S. S. Uruguay and the S. S. Brasil.

Foreign Minister Bramuglia made notes on the subject and sent for a copy of his note no. 694 of November 20, 1947, a translation of which was transmitted with this Embassy’s despatch no. 2348. Bramuglia said that he would take the matter up immediately with the President and would endeavor to obtain prompt action.

We told Bramuglia that we had verified that there was no discrimination against Argentine vessels in the United States and that there seemed to be no doubt left that discrimination is carried out here against American vessels. We added that the only solution seemed to be for the Argentine Government to make it possible for Moore-McCormack to buy or lease wharfage space. We pointed out that otherwise the three vessels comprising the “Good Neighbor Fleet” would probably have to terminate their southern voyages at Montevideo, and while this might not be a serious matter for Argentina from a commercial and financial viewpoint it would cause a lot of criticism and arouse the resentment of tourists who would like to visit Buenos Aires. Bramuglia said that he was sure President Perón would want to do everything in his power to prevent such a development. Bramuglia reiterated that he and the President would give this matter their immediate attention.

Respectfully yours,

For the Ambassador:
Guy W. Ray

Counselor of Embassy
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