810.79611 PAA/7–1747: Telegram

The Chargé in Argentina (Ray) to the Secretary of State


880. Ferreira interviewed today re route patterns of bilateral stated:

During his absences Diaz Bialet’s uncontrolled activities increased FAMA disorganization. New board will be elected August 18, route patterns will be ready then. Delay due entirely FAMA disorganization. Considers it advisable and hopes we not press decision till August [Page 248] 18. Alternative is govt to govt negotiation since basis Argentine reply not ready immediate result unlikely. Agreed meantime problems will be solved in “spirit of agreement signed by both countries”.

Embassy believes necessary await August 18 for route decision and in view “spirit of agreement” statement agrees procedure suggested Deptel 650, July 1455 when Panagra plans approved by board.

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