835.24/12–1947: Telegram

The Chargé in Belgium (Millard) to the Secretary of State


2014. Redeptel 175829 and Embtel 1937, December 9. Embdesp 1689, December 11,29 forwards detailed information from ConsGen Antwerp indicating 583 tanks and 797 jeeps and trucks shipped Antwerp to Argentina from March 5 until November 17, 1947. Have received today FonOff note from De Gruben indicating 361 tanks left Antwerp between June 24 and November 17. These shipments occurred during period when arms transit shipment required license (see Embdesp 1283, May 2929) FonOff adds Rio Diamante and Rio Secundo schedule load 90 tanks each toward mid-January but license refused. States Lloyd register announced arrival all vessels La Plata. FonOff, therefore, feels tanks not rerouted.

Embassy official last evening saw official Ministry Food and Exportation who stated categorically reports shipment tanks Russia completely unfounded (Embtel 1919, December 629). Extensive inquiries Brussels and Antwerp have revealed nothing collaborating [corroborating?] Daily Express story which I consider groundless. Brussels daily Soir yesterday and today carries factual obviously inspired article of tanks shipments Argentina in refutation story their shipment USSR which many papers have reprinted. Airmail despatch follows.29

Sent Department, repeated Buenos Aires unnumbered.

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