835.24/9–2647: Telegram

The Under Secretary of State ( Lovett ) to the Embassy in the United Kingdom


4298. Brussels Embtel Sep 26 repeated London 105.12 Please secure complete explanation acquisition American tanks from UK Govt by Belgian Overseas Trading Corp. Especially wish information lendlease or other origin tanks; identity UK selling and custodial agencies; UK authority under which sale made; whether tanks sold as such or as scrap; date of sale; and contractual conditions of sale with special reference to demilitarization, resale, and re-export. Determine if possible why tanks were not rendered unfit for military use before sale and whether UK sale contract would permit enforcement of any demilitarization clause. Embassy’s opinion requested regarding paragraphs 5 and 6 of above referenced cable. See also Dept tel 4010 Sep 16, Brussels Embtel 101 Sep 21.13

  1. Telegram 1496, supra.
  2. Neither printed.