The Secretary of State to Mr. W. H. Collins, Vice President of the Shipbuilding Division, Bethlehem Steel Company

Dear Mr. Collins: I refer to your letter of December 20, 194671 relative to an invitation your company has received from the Argentine Naval Commission to submit bids for the construction of the following types of ships for the Argentine Navy: 1 Escort Aircraft Carrier, 1 Light Cruiser, 4 Destroyers, 3 Submarines, 1 Repair Ship, 1 Tanker, and 1 Troop Ship.

This matter has been given careful consideration and at the present time the United States policy is not to furnish arms, armaments or vessels of war to a number of foreign governments, including that of Argentine.

In view of the above policy, the State Department would not approve an export license should these vessels be constructed in the United [Page 217] States.72 The Department is also adverse to the request that the Navy Department make available to your company, and the Argentine Government, the necessary design for these ships and the arms and armaments required.

Very truly yours,

For the Secretary of State:
E. T. Cummins

Chief, Munitions Division
  1. Not printed.
  2. In a letter of January 17 to the Electric Boat Company this policy was extended to submarines (835.34/12–3046).