862.20235/5–947: Telegram

The Ambassador in Argentina ( Messersmith ) to the Secretary of State


567. Foreign Minister informed me today that following aliens included deportation decree November 15, 1946, are under detention and will be deported shortly:

Juan Harnisch, German, considered one of the two most important German agents who operated Latin America.
Alfonso Chantrain, Luxemburger, considered important.
Gustavo Utzinger, German, considered important.
Enrique Richter, German, considered important.
Juan Lieberth, probably possessing German-Chilean dual citizenship.
Ana Sommermeyer, Polish.
Alberto Treusch, German.
Erico Rath, German.
Juan Napp, German.

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Foregoing49 will be deported on Argentine steamers Teuco and Gualeguay scheduled sail May 18 and 21 respectively for Antwerp and Rotterdam. These vessels being used to avoid heavy expenditure special vessel. Sailings may be a few days earlier or later than dates indicated depending upon cargo loading vessels. No announcement being made by Argentine Government foregoing action until after departure steamers to avoid possibility appeals writs habeas corpus. Department will be duly notified date sailing and persons aboard each vessel so that arrangements may be made with Belgian and/or Dutch authorities to hand over these aliens to our officials from Germany there to receive them. Accommodations these steamers limited which makes necessary use these two vessels.

Any further aliens included decree who may be apprehended before sailing will be deported these vessels.

Foreign Minister informs me that Argentine police have definitely determined that following included decree November 15 are in Chile:

Hans Blume, German.
Heribarto Schlosser, Austrian.
Gertrudis Schlosser, Chilean.
Johannes Szeraws, German.
Fernando Baulenas Salas, Spanish.

The police have determined the following are in Spain:

Manuel de Miguel Arrastia, Spanish.
Nicolas Quintana Moreno, Spanish.

The police have information that Frederico Scheu, German, is in Paraguay.

Foreign Minister states that Chilean police have been notified some time ago presence in Chile of above-mentioned as being in Chile but Argentine police have received no reply.

In addition to 13 included list November 15 deported on Pampa, Argentine Government has, therefore, detained and is deporting 9 others and 8 above-mentioned established as being outside country.

This makes total 30 accounted for out of list 52. Of remaining 22 fugitives only ones considered important are Juan Becker, who is one of two most important who operated in Latin America and Guillermo Seidlitz of only relative importance. Others are not considered important as Department can determine by statements accompanying my letter Under Secretary Acheson, April 25.50

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Foreign Minister states that same active efforts being continued to arrest remaining 22 and while they have hope of arresting some they are not in a position to state whether they are in the Argentine or have escaped to other countries of which in opinion this Embassy there is considerable probability.

Foreign Minister has emphasized that these 22 are fugitives whose description is in possession police and special agents throughout country so that if they show themselves they will be immediately apprehended. As example of difficulties, he cited case of one of more important aliens now detained and said that chief Buenos Aires police has records showing no less than some 20 persons who were detained on information they were this person and had to be released on establishing true identity.

Department will please consider all foregoing information secret until announcement is made by Argentine Government as possibility exists writs habeas corpus being requested and granted by courts in case detention known.

In this connection, I respectfully suggest Embassy’s secret despatch 2462, May 7 and my secret letter May 8 to you leaving by courier pouch this evening will be of particular interest as background in reaching any conclusion.

Complete data furnished by Foreign Minister showing deportations and action Argentine Government under decree of November 7, 1945, January 18, 1946, February 8, 1946, February 13, 1946, and February 14, 1946 follows by mail51 and will show degree effective performance deportations prior to decree November 15, 1946.

  1. In the margin appear numbers indicative of the importance of each individual as appraised by the office of American Republic Affairs and in contrast to the evaluation of the Ambassador.
  2. Not printed.
  3. Not printed.