740.35112 RP/1–2447: Telegram

The Chargé in Argentina ( O’Donoghue ) to the Secretary of State


88. ReEmbtel 87, January 24. In handing me copy decree Minister stated that he had told President this must be done, and that now if State Dept did not recognize Argentina’s goodwill, in compliance Argentina could do nothing more than sit back “tranquilly” and see what happens.

Decree covers principal enemy spearhead firms in Argentina less 10 now in courts. Embassy was advised by competent Foreign Office official that decree will be applicable to such other firms as may later be determined to be enemy firms, as well as partial enemy interests identified in other firms.

In opinion Embassy, the action provided for in this decree constitutes reasonable and substantial compliance with the Act of Chapultepec insofar as enemy property is concerned.