893.00/5–1547: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State

1062. In answer to the question “Is the Government satisfied with recent developments of the Shantung offensive?”, the director of the [Page 120] Chinese Government Information Office gave the following reply at the weekly press conference held at the Ministry of Information on May 14:

“The Government is satisfied with military operations in Shantung. After the capture of Laiwa, Tushihkou and other towns, the Government forces have further advanced toward the North. Fighting is now largely in Poshan and is synchronized with our advances from the south. Garrison troops of Tsinan have meanwhile made gains along the railway leading to Hsuchow. Other units which have taken Mengjdng have advanced deeper into the mountainous regions of central Shantung which has been the Communist base of operations for years. About 10,000 Communists will be trapped east of the Tientsin–Pukow railway. All together there are 150,000 Communist officers and men in Shantung. Government forces have contacted and broken Communist main forces and we believe large-scale fighting will be ended in that province soon.

“Between April 21 and May 6 Communist casualties were 22,987. According to information received by the Ministry of Defense, there has not been much change in the fighting in Shansi in the last week. The capital of Shansi, Taiyuan, is not threatened.

“In regard to the war situation in Manchuria, the Communists have massed 200,000 men for a new offensive, of which about 90,000 are attacking Nungan from Fuyu. The decisive battle in that area has now begun.”