893.6359/11–1047: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State

2222. From Keiser for Gullion17 for transmittal to Wells AEC.

“Please inform Wilson18 phase 1 of mission accomplished, have information relative known deposits and Chinese recommendations favorable areas for exploration. Phase 2 discussions nearing conclusion on basis joint exploration by U. S. and Chinese geologists under joint directors of exploration; this basis only one practicable that would assure results desired by U. S. General Keiser left Nanking by air November 7, will proceed from San Francisco to Washington following operation Mrs. Keiser and will telephone AEC. Suggest arrangements be made for him meet Nolan as army would provide air and motor transport, tentage and food for field parties; suggest also Nolan be informed now minimum 2 maximum 4 geologists be available depart for China by February 1. No ore deposits have been visited. Appreciate message relative Mrs. Keiser and my son. Regards.”

For Butterworth. Embassy convinced that joint exploration and joint conduct of entire exploration program is the only procedure acceptable to Chinese Govt that would yield results desired by U. S. Govt.

  1. Edmund A. Gullion, Special Assistant to the Under Secretary of State.
  2. Carroll L. Wilson, General Manager, Atomic Energy Commission.