893.6359/10–847: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State

2042. Wong Wen-hao informed October 8 re Keiser’s mission according Deptel 1224, October 3. He expressed much pleasure with receipt of news and said he would inform Generalissimo promptly, also notifying Sa Pen-tung and other Chinese experts in this field. Keiser’s status and relation with General Keiser explained, Embassy officer stating former visiting General Lucas during temporary absence General Keiser (Embtel 2033, October 7).

Asked about the reported Swiss offer, Wong said it had been made by Swiss Minister not on behalf private Swiss interests as stated Embtel 2006, October 1, but on behalf Swiss Government. Pressed for details, Wong gave evasive replies stating Swiss proposed send “a few professors” to China to have discussions with Chinese officials concerned, including himself. He said he was unable to state when Swiss would arrive but said Keiser would be here long before them.

When told we had assumed no arrangements would be made with other countries for exploitation or surveys of materials in question pending discussions with Keiser, Wong continued being evasive, obviously enjoying what he seemingly considers good bargaining position. He stated however that should conversations with Keiser prove successful there would be not [no] question on Chinese side which country they would decide to collaborate with.

Embassy concurs views expressed paragraph 3 refDeptel.