893.6359/10–147: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in China (Stuart)

1224. Re your telegram 2006, October 1, an eminent geologist, H. D. Keiser, has been selected to undertake mission under reference and will arrive Nanking week October 20. Plan at present is that he will be traveling as private citizen nominally employed by U. S. Geological Survey visiting his brother Brig. Gen. Lawrence Keiser.12 His connection with AEC13 will not be revealed except to very few such Chinese and American officials as you and he may think necessary. [Page 1023] You should, however, inform General Lucas14 and General Keiser now purposes Keiser’s visit.

Please inform Wong of Keiser’s mission. Also request from him details in so far as possible reported Swiss offer and definite info about any action Chinese have taken or propose to take. In view our correspondence and discussions with him concerning consultation between US and Chinese geological experts, we had assumed that no arrangements would be made with other countries for exploitation or surveys of materials in question pending such discussions.

For your own info, Dept is not unmindful that Wong’s latest declarations may represent an attempt to put pressure on this Govt and for that reason is not inclined to show haste in making an offer for any Chinese materials which may exist, especially in view fact that Chinese may expect compensation in terms of industrialization or other aid which may be entirely impractical in view present political, industrial and economic development in that country. Dept also making effort to find out from other sources what, if any, approaches may have been made by Swiss and will keep you informed. In meanwhile, we doubt if Swiss have done more than inquire generally about availability small quantities for research purposes.

Although Keiser will naturally report his impressions of Chinese attitude on matters discussed above, his mission is for purpose verifying Wong’s statements as to occurrences of minerals and for formulating recommendations with respect to possible use and eventual organization of survey parties; his task is primarily one preliminary geological fact-finding.

  1. Member, U. S. Army Advisory Group in China.
  2. Atomic Energy Commission.
  3. Chief, U. S. Army Advisory Group in China (Maj. Gen. John P. Lucas).