893.796A/9–447: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State

1858. Embassy’s view regarding need for appointment American adviser to Chinese Government on civil aeronautics as expressed in secret despatch 580 of March 25, 1947, unchanged (ReDeptel 1046 of August 21, 1947).

Embassy did not contemplate need for special legislation prior to implementation of aviation advisory program. Should Department initiate action to obtain special legislation permitting assignment such an adviser, it is considered important, because of the public nature of congressional legislation, that Embassy first be afforded opportunity to advise Chinese Government of Department’s intended action. This would permit Chinese to announce publicly, if they so chose, that they had requested adviser from U. S. Government.

It occurs to Embassy that procedure for instituting advisory program as originally outlined Embassy’s despatch 580 may require revision. For instance, letter attached to that despatch would have to be [Page 1017] reconsidered and revised to meet situation at the time should proposed legislation be approved.

Accordance Department’s suggestion, it was proposed to General Wedemeyer that he make strong recommendation that appointment of Major General USAAF possesses [possessing?] qualifications outlined despatch under reference as civil aeronautics adviser Chinese Government be authorized by Congress.

Sent Department, repeated Shanghai via courier, 763.11

  1. Marginal notation: “1. Will Wedemeyer recommend 2. If so, prepare legislaton 3. Instruct Emb. to notify Chinese before bill is introduced.”