893.014/12–3147: Telegram

The Ambassador in China ( Stuart ) to the Secretary of State

2471. Certain proposals of Chinese FonOff regarding Sino-American cooperative mapping agreement were forwarded to Dept by airgram A–199, October 6, 1947. It was requested that this matter be taken up with Army and CinCFE and Embassy be informed of decision as soon as practicable to end that early agreement with Chinese Govt may be reached. In order that Chinese FonOff may be kept advised of current status of this project, it is requested that Embassy be informed as to action taken by Army on Chinese proposals submitted.


[In instruction No. 95, May 24, 1948 (893.014/4–348), the Ambassador in China was informed that the Department of State had accepted the Department of the Army’s recommendations contained in the letter of November 21, 1947, from the Secretary of the Army as providing a basis on which an agreement with the Chinese Government could be negotiated. However, aside from the program for mapping Formosa already in progress, the aerial mapping project was not effected, presumably due to the further deterioration in the political and military position of the National Government of the Republic of China.]