The Acting Secretary of State to the Secretary of the Army (Royall)

Dear Mr. Secretary: The receipt is acknowledged of your letter of November 21, 1947, containing your comments and recommendations in regard to proposals made by the Chinese Government for United States assistance in the aerial mapping of certain Chinese provinces.

In general, I am inclined to concur in your comments and recommendations. It is noted, however, that the Department of the Army finds acceptable the priorities advanced by the Chinese Government for accomplishing the proposed aerial survey, as follows: Sinkiang, Kansu, Ningsia, Suiyuan, and Chahar. Without entering at this time into a discussion as to the advisability from a political point of view to the air mapping of China’s frontier provinces, especially Sinkiang, this Department has the impression that logistically such a program would be entirely impracticable with the limited funds and facilities available.

Before reaching a decision in regard to this program, I should like to obtain the benefit of the views of Secretary Symington.8 I am therefore forwarding to him for comment copies of (1) the Department of State’s letter of October 22, 1947,9 (2) your letter in reply,10 and (3) present communication.

Sincerely yours,

Robert A. Lovett
  1. W. Stuart Symington, Secretary of the Air Force.
  2. Not printed.
  3. Supra.