893.014/10–647: Airgram

The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State

A–199. 1. Sino-American Cooperative Mapping Agreement is subject. On 19 November 1946, War Department informed General MacArthur4 that China had been deleted from post-hostilities mapping plans for Pacific and Asiatic areas. Following month, War Department advised that Formosa was retained in mapping program.

2. Deptel 281, March 6, 1947 confirmed foregoing, but added that State Department had no objections to an alternate program of limited scope which was being forwarded by War Department. Various proposals and counter-proposals were made during ensuing months by Chinese and American officials.

3. On July 1, 1947, FonOff proposed following four measures:

United States to provide small number of mainland survey, geographical survey, aerial survey and map making advisers to assist Chinese trainees and to make technical suggestions.
On basis of Sino-American Cooperative Mapping Agreement [Page 1000] signed at Chungking October 19, 1944,5 China requests duplicates of work already carried out under that Agreement.
China agrees to continuation and completion of aerial photograph in Formosa; China to assign personnel to participate in whole task from aerial photograph to completion of maps.
Chinese Government is contemplating completion of maps of various northwestern provinces. Due to lack of aircraft, aerial survey instruments and technical equipment, U.S. is asked to help by supplying these, work to be done by Chinese Air Force.

4. These proposals have been the subject of a considerable exchange of communications among agencies involved. FonOff has requested Embassy to obtain U. S. agreement to the four above-mentioned measures.

5. Aerial photography of Formosa is now being accomplished and it is reported that Chinese officers are participating in photo flights. CinCFE now advises:

Basic agreement (presumably that of October 19, 1944) permits Chinese participation in flights.
Duplicate negatives, one set contact prints, and one set mission plots will be furnished Chinese.
Compilation and publication of maps will not be done in theater. War Department has agreed Chinese will be advised when such operations are undertaken and permitted to assist if desired.
Color pulls and maps, as specified by basic agreement will be furnished.
No ground control operations are contemplated.

6. CinCFE has further indicated it is either without the means or the authority to implement remaining portions of Chinese proposals, and that further action awaits Chinese application through diplomatic channels.

7. This matter has become involved and long drawn out by reason of the number of agencies involved. It is requested that matter be taken up with War Department, and that CinCFE and Embassy be informed of decision as soon as practicable to end that early agreement with Chinese Government may be reached.

8. Above information received from CinCFE has been communicated to FonOff.

  1. General of the Army Douglas A. MacArthur, Supreme Commander, Allied Powers, Japan (SCAP), and Commander in Chief, Far East (CinCFE).
  2. A military agreement signed by Maj. Gen. C. C. Wang and Brig. Gen. Malcolm P. Lindsay.