740.00115 PW/5–2047: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State

1016. Following is repeat of message sent by Army to Tokyo reported missing by Washington:

Following is Mukden’s 92, May 2 (delayed in transmission to Embassy):

“Chinese authorities have told local Japs that Jap repatriation will be resumed shortly and will involve repatriation of half (15,000) of the 30,000 Japanese (technicians and 20,000 dependents thereof) still in National Govt areas Manchuria (including 10,000 Mukden and 6,000 Changchun).

“A high type Jap, who is a leader of local Jap community and prominent technical advisor, informs us that Japs fear Chinese lack facilities (ships, etc.) and concrete plans needed for fulfillment this offer, and that without American aid there will be uncertainties and delays [Page 995] which will entail great difficulties and expense for Japs who must make preparations for repatriation. Jap community anxious to know when first ship will arrive Hulutao, whether American help will be provided, and what type ship will be used.

“Above transmitted for information Embassy, and any American organ assisting Jap repatriation. Ward.”11

Executive Office of Embassy investigating.

  1. Angus Ward, Consul General at Mukden.