740.00119 Control (Japan)/4–1047: Telegram

The Political Adviser in Japan (Atcheson) to the Secretary of State

78. Communication received from Japanese Government dated April 1, 1947, stating approximately 8000 Japanese nationals remain in China proper, 4000 in Formosa, 35,000 in Manchuria under Nationalist Government control, and about 40,000 in areas controlled by Chinese Communists. It is stated majority these Japanese are technical experts commandeered by Chinese authorities. Approximately 1000 are detained as war criminal suspects.

Japanese Government states that commandeered Japanese receive some remuneration but because of extraordinary rise cost of living, insufficient communication with families in Japan, lack of ability send remittances, et cetera, majority these persons desire early repatriation. [Page 994] Anxiety is also expressed over health and nutrition of Japanese detained as war criminal suspects.

SCAP is requested use good offices with Chinese Government to accomplish following:

Speedy repatriation of Japanese commandeered persons who desire return to Japan.
Assurances for livelihood to Japanese remaining in China and possibility for remittances to families such person.
Improvement of conditions detained war criminals and suspects.
Measures by Chinese Government for release and repatriation of Japanese now detained in territories under control Chinese Communist forcees.

Copy of reference communication has been forwarded local Chinese Mission with request this headquarters be advised of any steps taken pursuant to request of Japanese Government. Department may desire instruct Embassy, Nanking, approach Chinese Government in view of humanitarian considerations involved.