740.00114 PW/2–1847: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers in Japan (MacArthur)6

51. For Political Adviser.7 In connection with 918208 Dept believes early action on repatriation armed Jap forces reported by Rigg to be in Manchuria is advisable and that these forces should be repatriated through Chinese-controlled port since (1) area where Japs located not under Soviet control and Dec. Tokyo repatriation agreement [Page 991] provided for return Japs only from Soviet and Soviet-controlled territory and (2) long delay might result in effort to obtain Soviet agreement to cooperate in repatriation these Japs. SCAP recommendations requested.

Nanking please inform Dept info Tokyo on (1) evidence which can be furnished Chinese Govt of presence these Jap forces; (2) logistic feasibility these Japs moving overland into National Govt territory; (3) practicability of ordering such move and (4) nature and extent American assistance or participation which might be practicable in connection with repatriation.

Sent Tokyo repeated Nanking. Embassy pass copy to Underwood.9

  1. Repeated to the Ambassador in China as Department’s No. 196.
  2. George Atcheson, Jr.
  3. February 12 to General of the Army Douglas MacArthur (SCAP), not printed.
  4. Col. George V. Underwood, in charge of the Embassy Liaison Office which was the successor to General Marshall’s office in China.