893.00/9–247: Telegram

The Consul General at Tsingtao (Spiker) to the Secretary of State

72. Navy yesterday made friendly contact with Communist troops near Goose Point (on coast 90 air miles northeast of here) and has been informed pilot is safe and uninjured at point about 70 miles from there. Desires to attempt negotiation on spot with Communist officers, who have requested party of three unarmed Americans to proceed to field headquarters (where pilot is held) to negotiate for his release. Adm. Cooke is hopeful that pilot may be brought by Communists to beach where negotiations can be undertaken.

Dept’s position in reference suggested Service mission (refmytel 70 to Department, 98 to Embassy August 31) should however be notified this office since indications are that, if Navy’s direct negotiations rail [fail?], Navy may desire resort to Consulate’s suggested plan. Further developments will be reported.

Repeated 99 to Embassy.