Memorandum by the Assistant Chief of Naval Operations for Politico-Military Affairs ( Wooldridge ) to the Director of the Office of Far Eastern Affairs ( Vincent )

Subject: Abandonment of Ammunition at Tsingtao.

There is attached hereto a dispatch50 from Admiral Cooke setting forth categories and amounts of ammunition prospectively unserviceable.
  • 355 Tons Mortar Shells—unserviceable
  • 1300 Tons High Explosives—suitable now for training but will be unserviceable 31 December
  • 200 Tons Small Arms—suitable for training but not for return shipment to the United States.
The ammunition dumps at Tsingtao immediately adjacent to the city are different from Hsin Ho in that they are not subject to attacks by CCF units.
Admiral Cooke states his desire to reduce:
Danger to own personnel in ultimately moving unstable explosives.
Possibility of sabotage.
Danger to local inhabitants.
Danger to guards.
He recommends abandoning increments from time to time in a safe area after arrangements with Chinese National Forces.
Navy concurs provided this meets State Department’s approval in the light of China policy. Please inform me of your decision in the matter.
E. T. Wooldridge

Rear Admiral, U. S. N.
  1. Not printed.