893.00/4–1447: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in China ( Stuart )

434. Neither Dept nor Navy considers it advisable to initiate publicity with regard to subject matter of your 804 Apr 14.43 In response to inquiries that may be made, Navy will state that operation is in accordance with decision reached to withdraw from participation in Executive Headquarters. In case inquiries are made re dumps reply will be that the munitions are unserviceable, that it is unpracticable to effect removal and that they are therefore being abandoned. Reply to inquiries with regard to disposition will be that the dumps will fall into the hands of the military authority in control of the area which is the Chinese National Army.

In as much as this is viewed as a military matter State will refer inquirers to the Navy Dept or, if necessary, make replies similar to those made by the Navy. Emb should follow a similar procedure in relation to inquiries and Admiral Cooke.

  1. Not printed; it dealt with publicity for ammunition dumps of American forces in China.