740.00119 Council/4–747: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the Soviet Union ( Smith )

836. Moskco 46. From Vincent for Carter. We do not intend to initiate public announcement re sale of ammunition to China (ref Kosmos 2274) and will discourage publicity from other sources. If [Page 818] press obtain info upon which to base inquiries, we would state that ammunition was procured for Chinese as result of commitment made before V–J Day; that it is unsuitable for use by US armed forces or sale elsewhere; that its retention is source of expense to US Govt; and that therefore it is being declared surplus and sold to China. If question of policy is received we would point out that transaction is unrelated to and has no bearing upon general policy toward China as enunciated in President’s statement of Dec 18, 1946,75 supplemented in personal statement of Gen Marshall on Jan 776 last. [Vincent.]

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