893.24/3–447: Telegram

The Ambassador in Belgium (Kirk) to the Secretary of State

329. When your 223, February 24 was received, Spaak was in Paris, but he [we?] outlined problem to Loridan,54 who said he would discuss it with Spaak upon latter’s return. I raised it with Spaak this afternoon. He states that, due insignificant Belgian domestic arms market, Fabrique Rationale lives by exports. Inasmuch as Chinese Government was fully recognized friendly and one of principal allies in war, he would find it very difficult vis-à-vis both Chinese Government and Fabrique Rationale to obstruct such sale in absence of specific international agreement not to sell arms to China. In view tenor of your telegram, I did not press him, and while he indicated willingness to examine matter further upon his return from Praha next week, should we press him to do so, I received distinct impression he hoped we would not.

  1. Walter Loridan, secretary to the Belgian Minister for Foreign Affairs.