Memorandum by the Director of the Office of Far Eastern Affairs (Vincent) to the Secretary of State 18

Attached is a memorandum on “American policy toward China.”19 In this memorandum it is recommended that:

We continue to encourage China to achieve unity by democratic methods of consultation and agreement.
We maintain a constructive and sympathetic (as distinguished from exacting) attitude in determining the extent to which conditions in China should improve as a prerequisite to giving economic assistance.
We withhold military aid to China in any form which would contribute to or encourage civil war.
We maintain a modest Military Advisory Group in China and to this end support in Congress the general Military and Naval Missions Bill.
We defer action on a Military Advisory Group Bill in Congress pending action on the general Military and Naval Missions Bill.
In any legislation authorizing the supply of military equipment to China the Secretary of State have final decision with regard to the time, type and quantity of disposals of such equipment.
We continue to withhold for the present delivery of additional military-type equipment under the 8⅓ Air Group program.
We approve the transfer to China of the 159 mercantile ships, subject to determination of China’s ability to operate them effectively.20

J[ohn] C[arter] V[incent]
  1. Marginal notation by the Secretary of State: “Col. C[arter]. Hold. GCM”. Col. Marshall S. Carter was Special Assistant to the Secretary of State.
  2. Supra.
  3. Recommended points transmitted on February 11 to the Secretaries of War and Navy for discussion on February 12.