Memorandum by the Director of the Office of Far Eastern Affairs (Vincent) to the Secretary of State

Attached is a memorandum of conversation which you had with General Ho this morning.5

Also attached in a memorandum6 in regard to the 70 training planes which General Ho mentioned. You will note that the Munitions Division in consultation with the FE7 representative on the Policy Committee on Arms Control has rejected the application for an export license for the 50 AT–6’s and that any applications for export licenses for primary trainers for China would be authorized without question.

It is recommended that the action taken by the Munitions Division with respect to the AT–6’s be allowed to stand for the present.8

J[ohn] C[arter] V[incent]
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  2. Not found in Department files.
  3. Office of Far Eastern Affairs.
  4. Marginal notation by the Secretary of State: “OK. GCM”.