Memorandum by the Director of the Executive Secretariat (Humelsine) to the Under Secretary of State (Lovett)

I sent the attached memo35 reference General Wedemeyer’s meeting with the President to Mr. Connelly at the request of the Secretary.

In addition, the Secretary wanted you to tell General Wedemeyer:

That, in his opinion, any broadcast or statement would be highly undesirable at this time.
That it was his desire that there be no further distribution of the report made at this time. He feels that the Department should look into the report to see if the reference to UN in the recommendations can be deleted without calling attention to the fact that it has been.

I think that it is the Secretary’s feeling that if this particular recommendation would leak that it would be dangerously embarrassing to our Delegation’s position in New York.

  1. Not printed; it quoted text of letter from the Secretary of State to President Truman, September 25. See memorandum by Brig. Gen. Marshall S. Carter to the Director of the Executive Secretariat, September 25, p. 777.