121.893/7–2947: Telegram

The Ambassador in China ( Stuart ) to the Secretary of State

1607. Story is current in Chinese newspaper circles of fairly reliable authenticity that the Generalissimo is most annoyed with General Wedemeyer’s mission on two counts. First, that it is a serious reflection on Chinese dignity and sovereignty that the mission which comes to China should also include Korea in the field of its activities, and second, the Generalissimo considers it an insult that he should not have first been consulted on the mission before it was announced. The second factor, it would appear, may be an afterthought since the Generalissimo certainly expressed great pleasure over the coming of General Wedemeyer to the Embassy officer who conveyed to Generalissimo the notification from the Department.

On the other hand, this afterthought may well have been part of the current Chinese reaction which is quite apparent in Chinese press and officials, namely, anticlimax and disappointment. Preliminary reaction seemed to be that General Wedemeyer would bring with him [Page 675] an avalanche of military and economic aid and a radical alteration in American policy. It has already seeped into Chinese consciousness that this is by no means necessarily the case and that in any event any aid which might be forthcoming will have to wait until General Wedemeyer has returned to the United States and consulted with the appropriate American officials.