123 Clubb, Oliver Edmund: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in China (Stuart)

780. Taking into consideration all advantages and disadvantages set forth Embtel 1367 June 21 regarding Clubb’s remaining Changchun in event Communist occupation and his willingness remain that city, Dept is of opinion he should maintain consular establishment Changchun even though city taken by Chinese Communists. We also feel same considerations exist in case Mukden in eventuality Communist capture. If Ward6 for reasons family or otherwise recommends withdrawal from Mukden, can Embassy suggest other officer who might be sent Mukden to take his place?

Dept notes with approval Embassy action regarding ESD American personnel. In general believed desirable retain consular officers in present posts unless events show definitely no useful purpose served thereby. Even though officers may be out of communication with Embassy for some time, long range value of even limited first-hand observation Chinese Communist activities would offer definite advantages. Dept assumes all families and female members consular staffs would, of course, be evacuated, leaving only officer in charge and needed male clerical personnel. Dept is drawing up plan for establishment of funds for payment of per diem or special allowance to officers and employes whose families are evacuated to places of safety in China.

Dept contemplates transferring Clubb to Peiping but his departure for that post will of course be made contingent upon situation at Changchun.

  1. Angus Ward, Consul General at Mukden.