893.00/3–1547: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State

573. Yenan radio 15th broadcast following item:

“General Chou En-lai, representative of China’s Communist Party, made following statement about discussion on China question in Moscow Foreign Ministers Conference:

Four power Foreign Ministers Conference now being held in Moscow is proposing that countries participating in Moscow Conference of December 1945 should review carrying out of agreements reached in China question at that conference. We believe that this is necessary and moreover reasonable. Countries which were parties to agreements reached at that time unanimously held that civil war should cease and democratization should be realized in China and that democratic elements should widely participate in all organs of Chinese Government. Foreign Ministers of Great Britain, United States and Soviet Union had reiterated policy of nonintervention in Chinese internal affairs. United States and Soviet Union also mutually agreed to withdraw troops stationed in China. After publication of agreement, United States representative immediately carried out mediation during Kuomintang–Communist negotiations in China. But a year has proved that civil war in China has not only not ceased but has grown more violent. Democratization of Chinese Government has not only been unrealized but has become more dictatorial.

One of main causes giving rise to such phenomena is policy of American Government, in not only intervening in China internal affairs but moreover siding Chiang Kai-shek’s civil war and of not only not with-drawing [Page 616] American forces from China but moreover participating of American air, navy and land forces in this civil war. Such state of affairs is obviously in violation of principle agreed on at Moscow Conference of December 1945. Countries participating in this conference have real responsibility to review the matter.

China’s Communist Party as one of parties in Chinese question obviously has right of inquiring into matter. If Kuomintang Government has formally demanded or if four power Foreign Ministers Conference decide to invite China to participate in any decision of China question, Chinese Communist Party demands same rights as Kuomintang Government to send its representatives to participate in discussion of China question by four powers Foreign Ministers Conference. Because Kuomintang Government cannot represent 140 million people in Chinese liberated areas and democratic elements throughout country and moreover United States representative in mediation of China’s internal question has long ago recognized equal relative status on Kuomintang and Chinese Communist Party, we therefore will definitely not allow unilateral participation of Kmt Government in discussion of China question.”

Please repeat to Moscow.