The Secretary of State to the Soviet Minister for Foreign Affairs (Molotov)17

Dear Mr. Molotov: I have your letter of March 1118 regarding the matter of the execution of the provision in the Moscow protocol of December 1945 with reference to China.

When this question was raised by you in the Council of Foreign Ministers, I stated that I would be pleased to exchange with you and Mr. Bevin, while I am in Moscow, but not in the Council of Foreign Ministers, information concerning the execution of the provisions of the Moscow declaration regarding China. This I will do, but I do not think it desirable to engage in any conference, however informal.

I suggest that each of us furnish the others with the stated information before April 1 and that each of us make available a copy of the information so furnished to the Chinese Government.

Please accept [etc.]

George C. Marshall
  1. Copy sent to the British Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs (Bevin).
  2. Not found in Department files.