761.93/6–1447: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State

1304. Following taken from Tihwa’s 259, June 10, full text being sent airgram:32

General Sung states that USSR resents presence Central Govt troops in Nanchiang because Aqsu and Kashgar are nearer Turki’s railway just across border. Excessive shipments supplies for Soviet C[onsul] G[eneral] Kashgar reported being distributed to interest natives in Soviet citizenship, many applications resulting. Ili infiltration there also reported. Liu stressed Russia desires to prevent use Sinkiang as base for attack by China or other powers, but Soviet action hard to explain merely on score of defense.

One reason for interest of USSR in Nanchiang probably mineral resources including oil deposits which Russians know about. Sung [Page 562] indicated long term intention for Russian interest in Nanchiang is occupation of India, Nanchiang being needed as springboard to reach India. If freedom for exploitation rather than political sovereignty is immediate goal of Soviet Union, this might best be won by preventing peace and order in Nanchiang as well as elsewhere.

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