893.00/6–1247: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State

1277. At the regular weekly press conference at the Ministry of Information on June 1 [11], the Director of the Division of Publicity and Intelligence of the Foreign Office made a statement on the Sinkiang situation as follows:

“The Chinese Government is in the position of reporting regarding the entrance of Outer Mongolian forces in Sinkiang and their attempt on the garrison at Peitashan, which is not far from the Sinkiang–Outer Mongolian border. This is no ordinary frontier incident. The Government views the matter with the deepest concern. While the local military authorities will be ordered to exercise all possible restraint in the defense of their position, the Government is instructing its Ambassador in Moscow29 to protest to the Soviet Government as well as to the Outer Mongolian Government, through its Minister in Moscow. In the meantime, the Government is contemplating the despatch of a high-ranking official to Sinkiang to give the necessary directions to the local authority.”

  1. Foo Ping-sheung.