893.00/6–447: Airgram

The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State

A–120: Following is Tihwa’s 242, June 1, 10 a.m.:

“Have learned from Foreign Office delegate Liu27 that replacement [Page 557] of Chang by Masud as chairman of Sinkiang provincial Govt was determined at Nanking prior to Chang’s return here in mid-March but Liu himself was only recently informed. Chang disclaims initiative but move clearly suits his policy. His relief apparently also necessitated by general order expected shortly from Nanking cancelling civil appointments of military personnel.

“Liu feels appointment perhaps somewhat premature but Gen. Sung is much pleased. Soviet Congen unenthusiastic however and Achmad’s coterie apparently in bitter opposition. On May 21 when rumor of imminent change in chairmanship reached Tihwa public, two sets of handbills appeared on streets; one attacked Achmad28 and the other Masud and Central Govt. Although no other handbills have since been reported, opposition of Ili group will have to be reckoned with as a factor.

“New chairman has high repute for integrity and justice. He is probably only Turki well known to Central Govt qualified for position. His appointment seems intended to prepare the people, by giving them practice in self-govt under a high native official, for next year when chairman is to be elected. However he [is] over 60 years old and in poor health. Paxton”.

  1. Liu Tse-jung, Chinese Foreign Affairs Commissioner for Sinkiang.
  2. Achmad-Jan, Turki revolt leader, formerly Vice Chairman of the Sinkiang provincial government.