761.93/3–1747: Telegram

The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State

578. Following is substance Tihwa’s14 78, March 10, 79, March 11 and 80, March 12:

“Chinese and Russian refugees from Ining report following which may be exaggerated:

Soviet citizenship issued without application to White Russians and natives Ining, Suiting areas.
After Chang Chih-chung’s August visit Red troops in uniform infiltrated Hi zone. Now appear openly in increasing numbers at Borotala iron mines, Wusu. Over 200 at commercial airfield and other points Ining.
Muslims aroused saying, ‘we freed ourselves from the yellow men, now we must destroy the white’. Serious native attacks on people of other races frequent. White Russians in terror of uprising. Many high Ining Muslim leaders now planning move to Tihwa and eventually to inner China to escape Soviet pressure. If they repudiate Soviet citizenship acquired under duress, they fear murder by Soviet secret police whose operations extensive and ruthless.
General conscription all races continues in Hi zone. Uniforms, military equipment and supplies better than in Chinese Army.”

Sent Department; repeat to Moscow.

  1. J. Hall Paxton was Consul at Tihwa.