121.67/3–1347: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the Soviet Union (Smith)

510. Provided Secretary Marshall perceives no objection please reply (urtel 643 Mar. 4, 8 p.m.) Mar 3 FonOff note in sense of Deptel 199 Feb 7, 7 p.m.44 to effect that we plan utilize commercial vessel for diplomatic couriers proceeding Dairen as soon as such vessels are available; however as Soviet Consul Dairen has stated to US ConGen there (Dairen’s 13 Jan 18) that port presently is closed to trade. In view obvious impracticability diverting commercial steamers long distances involved merely afford passage to couriers and constant availability only overnight trip away small naval vessel specially disarmed for this purpose we consider only practicable interim solution is to continue to use that (Sent Moscow repeated Nanking) vessel.

For Emb’s info prior to Mr. Cohen’s45 departure he was given file on Dairen courier service.

  1. See footnote 27, p. 493.
  2. Benjamin V. Cohen, Counselor of the Department, member of the American delegation to the Council of Foreign Ministers at Moscow.